Applicant screening to support hiring surges and fill immediate requirements


The number of candidates your organization can effectively vet


Your ability to hire the right people at the right time


Preventable turnover, flagging known risks prior to extending offers of employment 


Your organization from onboarding toxic and untrustworthy employees

Our Experience

Predicting Productivity, Inc. (PPI), is a Northern Virginia assessment and selection company established by a team of psychologists with PhDs in experimental and clinical psychology. After years of helping elite military operations units and other highly selective clients identify and select top talent, PPI’s founders are offering that service to the private sector.

Organizational Tailoring

PPI works with customers to specifically define the values and characteristics that hiring managers and the C-Suite desire in various positions, and then incorporates that information into the assessment of job applicants.

Structured Reference Checks

PPI structures and standardizes the slow, often inconsistent, process of conducting reference checks for your organization, freeing your resources and providing genuine insight into your candidates’ potential for success.

Candidate Testing

PPI administers a comprehensive online battery of psychometrically validated tests to applicants, including measures linked to an increased risk for turnover and an increased risk for counterproductive behaviors.

Candidate Evaluation

PPI leverages advanced psychological expertise and next-generation algorithms that can be tailored to address unique positional and customer requirements to deliver comprehensive applicant assessments.

Customized Interview Preparation

PPI prepares a customized palette of interview questions and individualized narratives for each applicant, selected from its extensive library of over 1300 evaluation criteria, enabling you to elicit targeted responses that will more thoroughly vet your candidates.

Has your company reached an inflection point?

You instinctively know a good candidate when you meet them. You pride yourself on having killer intuition. With so many competing demands now vying for your attention, keep that laser insight - or regain it if you've recently been blindsided. 

Free yourself to focus on tomorrow's challenges by hiring the right people today.

The PPI Distinction

Unboxing Applicant Complexity

PPI respects the immense complexity of your applicants. Unlike the majority of existing personality tests, it will never coarsely lump human beings into oversimplified combinations of letters, numbers and/or colors.

The Human Advantage

PPI will always deliver assessments that include professional review and tailoring. Unlike the majority of existing assessments, it will never instantaneously deliver canned reports.

A Dynamic Edge

PPIs service is dynamic and relationally based. Unlike the majority of static personality products, it will continuously grow and adapt its services in response to emerging scientific advances and invaluable customer feedback.

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